Period problems?

Tell me about it! I'm here to help.

I've seen so many women endure heavy, excruciatingly painful periods, irregular periods, no periods, not ovulating, many diagnosed with PCOS, endometriosis, early menopause, fibroids or simply infertility. So many women do not feel heard by their doctors or want an alternative solution to being prescribed birth control. So many women suffer every month. But there is another way and that's what I want to share with you!

Why I Created Reclaim Your Cycle

Women don't have to suffer with their period. We are not taught how we could address them without the use of synthetic hormonal medications. I want to change this. By understanding our bodies, making a few changes to diet and lifestyle with some herbal medicine thrown in, then we can all have a great period.

Izzy Kirkby, Master Herbalist, Nutritional Therapist, Naturopath, Kinesiologist, mAMH, mBANT, mCNHC, mGNC

What you will gain

Imagine if you could have confidence in your period. Hear what your body is telling you, and know how you can listen.

  • Empowerment from learning the root causes of hormonal imbalance and how you can address them

  • Understanding of how nutrition & herbs can be tailored to your individual needs.

  • Connection with the wisdom of nature and our maternal ancestors....and a better period!

About Me

I've worked as a nutritional therapist and naturopath supporting women's health for 6 years. I've been studying natural medicine for over 10 years. I've worked with clients with PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis, amenorrhea, fertility and menopause. I do not specialise in one condition as often the root causes of hormonal imbalance will be due to poor gut health and liver detoxification, chronic stress or nutrient deficiencies. I take a tailored, holistic approach so that women can get real results. I will be teaching you how you can make targeted changes to support these underlying imbalances and heal your periods.

What to expect

    1. Before we begin

    2. Introduction to Teas: Womb Tea

    3. Gut Tea

    4. Cleanse Tea

    5. Sun Tea

    1. Naturopathic Self-Care

    2. Naturopathic Self-Care Slides

    3. Using Castor Oil Packs

    4. Pelvic Steaming

    5. Herbal Pessaries

    6. Herbal Ally Visualisation

    1. Supporting the Liver for Hormone Metabolism

    2. Detoxification & Liver Slides

    3. Home Detox Check List

    4. Detoxing in Daily Life

    5. Lemon Water Flush

    6. Bowel Cleansing

    7. Liver Flush

    8. Detox Protocols

    1. Understanding Hormones

    2. Menstrual Cycle Charting

    3. Example Chart

    4. Charting Homework

    1. Gut Health & Healing Hormones

    2. Q&A Call

    1. Adrenal Health & Stress

    2. How Are Your Adrenals?

About this course

  • Personalised health analysis
  • 8 Masterclasses plus Q&As
  • Learn on your schedule

What will I get?

A whole suite of tools to help you balance your hormones and have a healthy period.

  • 5 x masterclasses on the root causes of period problems and how to resolve them

  • 4 x healing trauma and womb workshops

  • 3 x bonus workshops on hormone testing, natural self-care and birth control.

Bonus Workshops

The extra hot topics that I'll be including for us to explore.

  • Hormone Testing Workshop

    £35 value

    If you want to understand more about your issues but not sure what tests you need running then this is for you. I will share an overview of key markers that you might want to test and how to test them.

  • Natural Self-Care Workshop

    £35 value

    There are so many traditional natural ways to support our health that women and healers have been doing for centuries from womb wrapping to castor oil packs. I will share with you how to incorporate these into your life and the benefits.

  • Birth Control Workshop

    £35 value

    If you have ever taken (or are taking) birth control then this workshop will walk you through the considerations for dealing with side effects and restoring key nutrients that the pill depletes as well as alternatives.

The Healing Sessions

We cannot ignore the role that trauma and stress play in women's health so I have brought together some incredible practitioners that will be bringing their unique specialities to give you additional tools for womb work.

  • Alison Martin spiritual coach and biodynamic breathwork expert will using breathwork to harness the microcosmic orbit connecting the womb to the heart.

  • Saadia Baig kinesiology expert and trauma expert will be teaching us the meridians we can use in tapping to release trauma.

  • Paola Tonelete reiki, crystal healer and nurse will be soothing us with her powerful womb reiki meditations.

  • Poppy Alvares, herbalist, yogi and creator of amazing herbal products teaching you womb massage with oils plus she will be sharing an exclusive discount of her incredible Moon Oil.


You can choose to pay now or in 4 x monthly instalments.

“I felt seen and heard and held. Izzy supports and recognises not just physical issues but mental, emotional and spiritual which of course all effect one another. I feel at peace that I’ve finally found somebody that I feel safe with too. ”

Reynah Oppal

“I came to Izzy with issues around severe ovulation pain. Izzy was able to mix me a herbal tea, and within a few weeks I forgot I even had this issue! I can’t recommend Izzy highly enough, she makes you feel at ease and really listens to your concerns. ”

Annie McKerrow

“I was amazed that the best Doctors in Surrey could only say ‘you’re fine, maybe go on the pill’, whereas Izzy’s approach is to investigate gentle options one by one until the client is satisfied.”

Amanda Gdula

A few fun places where I've taught about health